All About Jesus

Lately we have heard a lot lately about a lion named Cecil. I have been thinking that it is time that we become less obsessed with a lion and become more all about Jesus. We need to be all about Jesus simply because He is God. He is God. We need to come to the realization that it is because He is God that we should be all about Him. He created the universe! He created you and me! How much we need to be all about Him! With this in mind we need to think about the fact that we need to be shining His light everywhere! Are you being a mirror? Reflecting the Light that only He can give? Less about a lion, more about Him. If you take a look at John Chapter 1 we see several things, We first see that John is very theological. He wants us to know that Jesus is God, not only this but the fact that He is God in verses 1-4. John continues to talk about how Jesus is the Light. John continues to go though to tell us in verses 12 and 13 that if we accept Jesus as our Savior then we can become part of His family. If the fact that Jesus is God is not enough for you to become all about Jesus then the fact that He offers us to become part of HIS family should be! So as you finish reading this ask yourself are you all about Jesus??? If you aren’t you should be it is the greatest thing in the entire world!! So lets pay less attention to a dead lion and start becoming all about Jesus!

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