Visionary A leader? 

As I sit back and think of all that God has been doing these past couple of weeks I am humbled. God is doing so much here at our church and I praise Him for it. One of the things that I am thinking about this week is about being a visionary. We talked about it during our Sunday Morning Message on Sunday, but it has impacted me even this week. I thought about this Peter was a visionary because he followed Christ. Peter followed Christ and we see in Acts chapter ten that he was able to bring the gospel to the Gentiles. This was revolutionary. Up until this point there was no Gospel given and accepted by the Gentiles. Peter was able to be a visionary and we see the Holy Spirit falling on Gentiles for the first time. We would stand back and think that Peter was a visionary for doing this. When we think of a visionary in our modern context we think of people who get things done and inspire other people to get on board, but a true visionary is someone who humbly follows. They follow Christ. If we want to be true visionaries we need to follow the One who created it all. Think about that over the next couple of days. Step back and think am I following Christ and what He wants for me or am I just following my own agenda? It is sometimes easy for Pastors to do what they want to do, and not what Christ wants them to do for their church. I am striving to follow Christ. I hope that you will join me as I try to be a visionary someone who follows Christ.

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