What’s Your Reputation? 

I was thinking about John the disciple. He was a very interesting man. God gave him what is going to happen during the last days. He was the disciple of whom Jesus loved. He also was known for many things. When we look at him, we can see many things. It is important that we learn so that way we can serve our Savior. He was known for being a disciple of Jesus Christ. John and Peter were partners in the miracle that happened by the gate called Beautiful. They both were there at the healing, and both were arrested. The Sanhedrin did not know what to do with them. The reason being is the fact that they spoke like rabbis but they did not tend any form of rabbinical school. Suddenly the Sanhedrin understood what was going on. John had a reputation of being with Jesus. They knew that he was a disciple of Jesus. This put them into a pickle, they could say that miracle did not happen, but that would make them look ridiculous. Although if they went back out to the public and kept preaching Jesus they would look ridiculous as well because it meant that they killed the Messiah. They told them though not to preach but John and Peter responded with that they would rather obey God then men. It was important for them to be known as followers of Jesus. It didn’t matter how much they were threatened they still wanted to be known as followers of Jesus Christ. Can this though be said about us as well? Are we known as followers of Jesus or are we content with hiding that part of our lives? How are you doing? Are you known for being a disciple? Do you have the reputation of being a part of Jesus’s family? We need to be known for being with Jesus? I want to be known as a disciple of Jesus will you be one with me?

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