• Precious!

    J.R.R. Tolkien has left a profound effect on our culture.  He is known for one of the most popular fantasy book trilogies that exist today, The Lord of the Rings. These three books that Tolkien had written as 1 long story were the stories of hobbits, orcs, dwarves, elves, and

  • Thrive Ministry Conference

    I am super excited to be able to tell you about Thrive Ministry Conference!  As a pastor, I noticed that there were people in my congregation that wanted to be better teachers, leaders, and better servants to the place that God has placed them.  I also know that most of

  • Valentine’s Day

    Yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  To some people it is the most romantic time of the year, to others it reminds them of the people who have passed away, and to even others it is a reminder that they do not have a significant other.   I want to propose to you

  • Studying

    When the recent winter storm Jonas majorly hit the east coast, I was reminded that my parents teased us as kids about trying to get out of school with snow.  They said we kids had it easy because they had to “walk up hill, both ways in 4 feet of

  • Dreaming

    Dreams, we all have them.  Dreams are like the imagination of an adult, but even children have them. Dreams come down to two different definitions. Dreams are the events that transpire when we sleep, or our hopes for the future. When I was young my dream, or my hope, was

  • All In, All for Him

    I was able to do chapel today at a Christian School nearby, and it was a joy to be able to share the Word of God with teens! I was able to share from a verse in the book of Colossians. The context that surrounds this verse is talking about

  • We All Have A Backpack

    When you live in a small town like Oxford, you get to see many things. One of the things that you will see if you are driving around town around 2:30 is kids walking with backpacks on their way home from school. I saw a group of friends the other

  • Do You Want a Banana?

    I heard a story once about how they catch monkeys in Africa. What they do is they put a banana in a pot, but this pot is not just any pot. This catching pot has an opening that the monkey can reach in and grab the banana, but they cannot

  • What’s Your Reputation? 

    I was thinking about John the disciple. He was a very interesting man. God gave him what is going to happen during the last days. He was the disciple of whom Jesus loved. He also was known for many things. When we look at him, we can see many things.

  • All About Jesus

    Lately we have heard a lot lately about a lion named Cecil. I have been thinking that it is time that we become less obsessed with a lion and become more all about Jesus. We need to be all about Jesus simply because He is God. He is God. We